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Just about every music lover has a musical decade that they consider to be their favorite, with music from the 1960's the most popular followed by music from the 1980's. The reason for the mass popularity of 80's greatest hits probably has a great deal to do with the many changes that were made in the music industry during that decade.

One such change was the introduction of the MTV channel, which greatly altered the way that records were promoted during this period. Just about everyone of the 80's greatest hits had a video to go along with the hit record. For each of their new release songs, every band and singer was asked to produce a video that could be played on the new MTV channel. Because all of the music artists would be seen by MTV's rapidly growing fan base, looking good became almost as important as sounding good. The use of video's for 80's greatest hits was a major success and the top music artists were able to bring a big budget to their MTV music videos.

Also introduced in the 1980's was the CD or compact disc which has all but changed the way music lovers purchase records forever. The 80's is also known as the decade in which Hip Hop was first introduced to the world. A lot of the greatest hits of the 80's were by Rap and Hip Hop artists, which began as a little known cult genre in 1970s America. The Rap and Hip Hop movement became an important influence on fashion, dance moves and on pop music in general.

During this period, a great many music artists changed from using the traditional guitar format to using based records on synthesizers along with drum machines and other electronic instruments. The 80's was a new age for music, an age of musicians with shoulder pads and big hair crouched over electronic keyboards and synthesizers! In stark contrast to the punk music of the 70's, these songs were fun to dance to. In the United Kingdom, many of the 80's greatest hits were performed by bands with flamboyant names and outfits. Bands such as Duran Duran, The Human League, Spandau Ballet, Adam Ant and Depeche Mode provided some of the greatest hits of the 80's.

Musicians careers may come and go, but in 1982 with the release of his super album Thriller, Michael Jackson was at the peak of his musical career. Michael Jackson's Thriller would eclipse all sales records on its way to become the biggest selling album in music history, producing fantastic hit singles like, Beat It, Thriller, Billie Jean, and The Girl is Mine (a duet with former Beatle, Paul McCartney). Hit albums like Bon Jovi's, Slippery When Wet was a testament that soft rock was alive and doing well. The 1986 release of Slippery When Wet was Bon Jovi's third album and is the band's most successful work to date. Many of the greatest hits from the 80's include the bands hit singles, Livin' on a Prayer and You Give Love a Bad Name.

A super group by the name of U2 would come to conquer the world with the release of their debut album in the 1980s. U2 hails from Ireland and still enjoys a long and fruitful career. Their debut album, Boy, was released in 1980 with several songs making it on 1980's greatest hits list. Even more great U2 albums would follow, including War, The Joshua Tree, and Rattle and Hum.

The music of the 1980's would end on quite a different note. The music would change from the electronic sounds of groups who were perfectly groomed artists to the loud, aggressive guitar sound of Grunge Rock which was played by musicians who liked to dress down. In 1989, the album Bleach would launch the career of the popular group called Nirvana. Rock n' Roll would be dominated by Nirvana and their iconic singer Kurt Cobain over the next few years. Nirvana's super hit, Smells Like Teen Spirit not only is one of the 80's greatest hits, but is considered by many to be one of rock n' rolls greatest hits of all time. The greatest hits from the 80's are certainly a mixture of different styles with music to please everyone.

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