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80's Sitcoms
80's Television Sitcoms

As times were changing everywhere else in the country, so were sitcoms. During the 1950's and the 1960's TV sitcoms were pretty much based on normal life with a great deal of comedy tossed into the mix. Then, as the 1970's rolled in, television sitcoms began to change noticeably as they began to touch on far more controversial subjects, such as homelessness and homosexuality as well as other similar topics. But when the 80's sitcoms came into our homes, they were touching on territory that had never before been seen on TV. Television producers and sitcom writers were both stretching both racial and sexual boundaries far more than has ever been seen by a viewing audience.

Cheers, Married with Children, Diff'rent Strokes, and Alf are just a few of the more popular 80's sitcoms that come to mind. They all tackled issues in a totally unique way as opposed to the way things were in previous decades.

Cheers was an 80's sitcom that had an enormous fan base and was a huge success. It was set in a downtown bar named Cheers in the City of Boston and was run by ex- baseball player Sam Malone who was ironically a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Sam Malone was far from being your typical bar owner. This groundbreaking 80's TV sitcom made it a point to let the TV viewing audience know in nearly evert Cheers episode that Sam was a major big time womanizer. This is something that was almost never done on past sitcoms, at least not to the same degree that it was done on Cheers. Besides womanizing, Cheers dealt with other topics that were once considered taboo on TV sitcoms, including drug addiction and homosexuality as well as many others subjects that would never have been aired on TV sitcoms in the past.

The major hit, Married with Children was an 80's sitcom about the comical Bundy family that also dealt with the sensitive and former taboo issues. Married with Children revolved around Al Bundy and the rest of his dysfunctional family who all lived in the City of Chicago. Married with Children definitely had content on the show that even on today's TV sitcoms some viewers would consider to be inflammatory and illicit, but the 80's television sitcom did deal with a great number of the day's more popular issues and in a responsible manner. The Bundy's were not a family that one would consider financially well off by any means, which is probably the reason it was a hit with people that were looking to watch something that actually hit closer to home.

Another humorous 80`s sitcom was the popular black sitcom hit Diff'rent Stokes. Diff'rent Stokes revolved around the life of successful, white businessman Philip Drummond who adopted his deceased black housekeepers two sons after her untimely death. Interracial households was something that was rarely if ever seen on television, let alone television sitcoms. This 80`s television sitcom was instrumental in bringing the subject of interracial families into the forefront along with tackling moral issues as well as other issues that had never before been televised on a prime-time TV sitcom.

Lastly, a very surprising hit TV sitcom that came along in the 80's was a very funny show called Alf (Alien Life Form). Who would ever have believed that a wise-cracking furry puppet would become a major success on primetime television? Alf was taken in by a family after he crash landed his spaceship into their garage. Although Alf was designed more around humor than anything else, this 80's sitcom dealt with issues that were once considered taboo on TV sitcom's in the past.

Thankfully, 80`s sitcoms brought about a plethora of changes to television. While many of the changes were received warmly by television viewers, the jury is still out on some of them, especially the liberal sexual changes that the 80's TV sitcoms were instrumental in bringing about. Time will tell all. Check out the links below for the best sites to download free TV sitcoms, TV shows and movies.

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