American Idol Auditions
American Idol Auditions
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Help For Future American Idol Contestants

With the latest auditions for the American Idol TV show being held in Seattle next month, many of my fellow performers and friends around here are wondering about whether or not they have a snowballs chance in hell to win. It is totally surprising to me on how many people have ongoing secret dreams of making it to the big-time. Listen, although American Idol auditions might seem like a very big long shot to most people, there is still nothing to lose, why not take a shot. My good friend Alexa – who happens to be a very talented local singer-songwriter – figures that the best thing to do is to simply treat the American Idol auditions as just another tryout. She told me, look, even if Simon, the most critical of the American Idol judges, is his typical cruel self and you get voted off of American Idol, it will not by any means be the end of her career. And if, on the other hand, she makes it through the audition and gets on to the American Idol TV show, it could be quite a big break for her career. Anyway you look at it, there is no way to know until you give it a try, give it your best shot.

Personally, there is no way I would have gone out for American Idol auditions myself if not for the fact that I have had a lot of experience going to music auditions before, as well as a few gigs. I am not exaggerating when I say, an American Idol audition is probably one of the most stressful auditions or tryouts that you could possibly have. Imagine having to audition on a nationally televised program in front of some very tough American Idol judges. Look, just a normal audition is tough enough, but this kind of tryout is unbelievably nerve wracking to say the least.

One of the best things that you can do to prepare yourself prior to going to your American Idol audition or any audition for that matter is to do some trial run-throughs yourself. Try going online and watch some previous auditions of American Idol or renting them at your local Blockbuster or other video store. Then, once you get an idea about what American Idol auditions are all about and exactly what is involved, you will be able to try it out yourself. I know it sounds kind of idiotic to pretend you are going out for an audition in front of judges who aren't actually there, but trust me on this! It really is going to help you make it through your American Idol tryout.

Look, if you are a talented performer, please do not build up the American Idol auditions to more than they really are. Sure, doing well on your American Idol audition is important, but if you should have a poor performance and are voted off of American Idol, so what, it is not the end of your career. There are a plethora of other shows, musicals, and plays for you to try out for, and being on American Idol is far from the only way for a talented performer to get their career going in the showbiz industry. It is important to give it your very best, but don't put needless pressure on yourself by making too big a deal out of it. Most importantly, don't ever let anyone, especially jealous friends or family, discourage you from giving it your all. What other people think should not matter at all, if you think you are good enough to be the next American Idol winner, then go for it!

Where Can I Sign Up For American Idol Auditions?

It is important that you do not forget to read and if possible memorize the information provided on Fox television's American Idol website if you are planning to audition for American Idol. Head to the sites FAQ section because there are lot of frequently asked questions and answers that you may find both informative and useful on this website. Hopefully, you will be able to clear many misconceptions you have by reading the information provided. The eligibility criterion to get an American Idol audition is that you should be between the ages of 16 and 29 and you have to be a citizen or permanent resident of this country. Be sure that you check the American Idol website and take note of exactly what they specify for the city where you plan to audition because both the audition format and rules for each city where American Idol auditions are held keep on changing each year.

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The methods taught in this book have been used by many industry experts for years, its the professional "way" singers and actors approach 'one shot' auditions and it has now been applied to the American Idol Show.
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