Which Is The Best Guitar To Learn On?
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Which Is The Best Guitar To Learn On
The three kinds of beginners guitars that you will encounter are:
You decided to play and are searching for the best beginners guitar to learn on. In all probability, if you have asked someone if you could use their guitar for a while, it would be a steel string acoustic or an old classical acoustic guitar. Both are excellent beginners guitars.

Acoustic guitars only require a pick while electric guitars require things like leads, amps, speakers and power. Acoustic guitars are probably the easiest beginners guitars to learn on.

Another great thing about acoustic guitars is that you don't have a volume control. In the beginning stages of learning to play, it is probably better to play on a guitar that isn’t going bother your neighbors, you only want it loud enough so your ears alone can hear both your good performances and of course, your errors.

If you want to know which type of beginners guitar you want to play on, then ask yourself, ‘what kind of music do I want to play?’

Select a song that has a guitar sound you like. Listen to the guitar sounds and only the guitar sounds. Are they harsh, heavy or distorted? Or, are they clean, soft sounds? Acoustic guitars tend to have a cleaner and softer sound. Heavy, distorted sounds come from electric guitars that are plugged into amplifiers and effects units. Are the strings being strummed hard or can you hear individual notes being picked? If you are going want to play real hard then you are going to need thicker strings. You really need to know what style you want to play.

Now that you have found a style of music that you would like to play. Now, find a video of a band playing that type of music and watch it. When you see the band playing, look at the guitarist. What type of guitar is the guitarist playing, an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar? What style? What brand is it? If you know the exact brand of guitar from the video, go to your local guitar shop and ask if you can play it to see if it suits you.

There are many different reasons why people play guitar. What it is that you want to get out of the guitar? Listen to different styles and genres of music to discover what your tastes in guitar and music are. Ask musicians at music shops about what kind of guitars different bands use, or ask them what kind of amps/effects those artists use to get that sound.

All of the different answers you will get should get you thinking about what you will need to buy to achieve the sound that you are after. Make sure you choose the right beginners guitar for your taste in music.

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