Christian Music
Christian Music
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Which Kind of Christian Music Belongs in Church

If you have ever listened to Christian music, you would see why people fall in love with one kind of Christian song or another. Maybe you were turned on by the Christian rock you heard in your teens, or it may have been the gospel music you hear when you go to church, or it could even be the Christian contemporary that your mother listened to when she drove you to school. Whichever kind it is, Christian music lovers can be very picky about their favorite type of Christian music. There are some churches where rock 'n roll is what's happening, while other churches prefer contemporary Christian music, and totally avoid the rock 'n roll scene.

In my opinion, choosing one form of Christian music over the other is the wrong approach. The whole concept of Christian belief is sharing, so why not share music that expresses your values with other believers. In the end it is important to realize that faith is coming from the right place. The particular type of Christian song you personally like or dislike has nothing to do with it.

Certainly, not all Christian music or Christian song makes good church music. As far as church singing goes, a great deal of the time and tradition has gone into it. Nevertheless, there is nothing that beats a resonant choir of voices signing choruses of hallelujah up to the highest heavens. On the other hand, there are some churches that use contemporary Christian music to good effect. Churches with a strong youth services program works in this way. It has been proven many times that, through their music is the best way to reach out to kids. Trust me in this! There is nothing inherently wrong with rock 'n roll, or even rap if the lyrics are of good spirit and if it suits the tastes of our younger generation. In the end, it's all about reaching out to folks in hopes of making new believers of them.

Christmas time has shown us that Christian music can make a wonderful gift, especially around the holidays. I can't think of any better way to celebrate Christmas, then to give someone a gift of Christian music. Better yet, you should probably give out your gift of Christian songs prior to Christmas. That way they will have time to put it to use for this Christmas and not have to wait an entire year.

Probably one of the best uses of Christian music is in using its power to bring a family closer together. Let us not forget that the church starts with the family. Finding good Christian songs that everyone can sing together is great for building closeness and togetherness, especially with your kids. After all, almost all children love to sing, and I can't think of anything better than to get their parents to sing along. Christian music has the power to do goodness everywhere, not just in church!

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Free Christian Music Downloads
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