Country Western Music
Country Western Music
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Country Western Music Alive And Kicking

From a very early age we all start forming very different likes and dislikes about the music we like to listen to. Some of our opinions we have about different types of music are formed based on our own personal experiences, while other opinions about music are formed based on what we hear other people say about it. A big influence on the type of music we prefer is the music we hear our parents play. But, that soon changes as we move into our teenage years and are heavily influenced by the music our closest friends listen to. Proof of this can be seen all over the United States. People living in the urban areas of the north, east and west have a strong preference for rock and roll, rap music, r&b and hip hop music. While our southern cities and a lot of rural areas of the country prefer country music, folk music and country western music.

Growing up in the deep south I can recall how my father liked to have things nice and quiet. He worked our farm from before sunup until after sundown, so, when it was time to relax he didn't want any noise or activity disturbing him. We could either watch television or listen to his albums of country western music. There was little choice on our part because country western was the only music my father would listen to. Whenever we listened to rock and roll on the radio, he would come over and either turn it off or change it to a country western music station. Like most southern farmers, he hated rock and roll and he thought country western music was the only music worth listening to. While I was exposed to rock and roll through some of my best friends, as I got older I listened to country western music more often than not. I guess I held my father’s opinion of it. When I went to college, I began dating a young lady that listened to country western music all the time. She said she liked country western music for the stories the singers sang about.

I took her out on a date to a large country western music concert that had a lot of the top country western bands playing. The concert was awesome and from then on all I listened to was country and western music. Like my girlfriend, I also liked the stories the singers sang about and as an added benefit, the music is fun to dance to. I have even learned how to line dance to some of the songs. After college I moved back to my home town, met a great girl and got hitched. Lucky for me she likes country western music as much as me. I imagine when I have my own children, I will behave much like my father.

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