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Downloading Free Movies, TV Shows, Music and Games
Downloading Free Movies, TV Shows, Music And Games

How many of you recall when Napster was the king of free music and music video downloads? Today, there are several Unlimited Free Download Sites that are very much like the old Napster was, but a great deal better. The unlimited free download sites of today not only let you download free mp3 music and music videos, but the members of these sites can also get unlimited free movie downloads, unlimited free video downloads, unlimited free TV show downloads, unlimited free game downloads, unlimited free software downloads and much more.

Back then, being inundated with malware, adware and spyware while getting your downloads was the norm. The quality free downloads sites of today should never ever bombard you with either adware, spyware or malware. You will also find that your download speeds are a great deal faster today. As a matter of fact, downloads should be between 250x to 500x faster than Kazaa in download speeds. In the past, getting free full movie downloads would have taken for ever, that's the reason why free full movie downloads sites were few and far between.

While the unlimited free download sites of yesteryear were pretty straightforward, only dealing in mainly free music and music videos. Today's free download sites deal with literally millions and millions of files including movies, music/mp3's, software, TV shows, music videos, games, ring tones, wallpaper, themes, cheats, song lyrics, sheet music and more.

If you think that sounds like a lot, now picture all of the different media devices out there, with some of them requiring different media file formats. Devices like Personal Computers, Macs, iPhones and other mobile phones, iPod Touch, Video iPods, iPods, Microsoft Zune, a multitude of other MP3 Players, Blackberries, Playstation 1, 2 and 3, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Advanced, Nintendo DS, Palm Pilots and more.

On top of all of that, there may be times where you will need to Rip and Burn or Copy your free movie downloads or free TV show downloads to DVD or CD. To say it could easily become overwhelming and complicated to some is an understatement, but don't let that deter you, because most of the better unlimited download sites members areas have easy to understand, step-by-step tutorials and videos to guide you through getting all of your free downloads. Added to the helpful tutorials is the 24/7 technical support line available to answer any questions you may have.

A question I am asked rather frequently is "Exactly what types of movies can I download from the unlimited free movie downloads sites?" My answer to that question is "Just about any movie there is." You can download free movies from all of your favorite categories including thrillers, horror, suspense, westerns, drama, romance, science fiction, international, documentaries, fantasy, sports, comedy, cartoons, family, children's shows, adventure, etc., classic black and white movies, new release movies and free full movie downloads including special sets and trilogies like "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" and "The Godfather 1, 2 and 3".

Unlimited free TV shows downloads is much like unlimited free movie downloads but includes additional categories like game shows, real TV, Manga, Anime, episodes and TV series. Downloading free TV shows is quickly becoming one of the most popular free media downloads and with all of the hot new TV series like "24", "Bones", "Lost", "House" and "Heroes" it's easy to see why.  Many people like to download a single episode while others prefer to download the entire seasons.

Downloading free music and free music videos remains as popular as ever and includes genres like heavy metal, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, hip hop, jazz, alternative, rap, classical, Christian music, country, pop, techno, easy listening, operas, etc., plus music in different languages, concerts, sheet music, song lyrics and lots more. Although there are plenty of places to download free music these days, there are not that many quality sites where you can not only get unlimited free music downloads and free music videos, but along with your membership you also get to download movies, TV shows, games and much more for free.

Of all of the free download sites, free game downloads has the most variety by far what with all of the different game consoles on the market. One of these days video game manufacturers like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will begin to care about their customers and make their consoles with the ability to play every game from every manufacturer.

Once more here is a list of all of the different consoles unlimited game download sites need to have games for including Macs, Personal Computers, Xbox 360, Xbox, Playstation 1, 2 and 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Advanced, Nintendo DS, iPhones and other mobile phones, iPod Touch, iPods, Video iPods, Microsoft Zune, a multitude of other MP3 Players, Blackberries, Palm Pilots and more. I can't think of anyplace where you can download free games of this variety and also get free movie downloads, free TV show downloads, free music downloads, free music video downloads along with all of the rest.

What You Should Know About Free Movie Downloading Online

Although this talks about free movie downloading online, most of the information found here also pertains to free TV show downloads, free game downloads, free music downloads, free music downloads, free software downloads and more. Because of the growing popularity of free movie downloads I thought it would be helpful where needed most.

The advancement of technology has brought forth a lot of changes along with many conveniences to help us live our lives. With the speed of the internet becoming increasingly faster, we can now download free movies online without having to wait days for our movie downloads to complete. Downloading and saving free online movie files to your media players or PC allows you a great deal more flexibility to watch movies wherever you want.

Prior to downloading free movies online there are some important things that you should know about unlimited free movie download sites.

Variety of Free Movie Downloads - We all have different tastes in the genre of films we like to watch so you will want your free movie downloads site to offer free movies in every genre such as drama, suspense, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, adventure, animation, sports, documentaries, children's movies, family movies plus free international movie downloads.  Your online free movie downloads site should also offer free movie trailer downloads, free full movie downloads, free short movie downloads and free TV show downloads. Although you are looking to download free movies, there are Unlimited Free Movie Download websites offering more than just movie downloads for free. The good ones also offer unlimited free music downloads, free music video downloads, free TV show downloads, free game download, free software downloads and more. A wide variety of free DVD movie downloads along with free MP3 music, free games, free TV shows and the rest is always the better choice.

DVD Quality Movie Downloads - When you are downloading free movies online it is important to consider the resolution of the free movies you plan on downloading. Are they the high quality of DVD movies or are they movies captured on someone's personal video camera. It's awesome that they are free DVD movie downloads, but who wants to watch any movie, free or not that has poor quality audio and/or video resolution? Do yourself a favor and look for free movie downloading sites with high quality free DVD movie downloads.

High Speed Free Movie Downloading Sites - Getting your free movie downloads online, especially free full movie downloads can take a painstakingly long time to regardless of the kind of modem you have. If the free movie download site you use does not have a high speed downloading accelerator you will be waiting for what could feel like an eternity. Do yourself a gigantic favor. Look for unlimited free movie downloads site that has a high speed downloading accelerator. They will either tell you they have high speed downloading so you can download free movies faster or you will see a 300x, 400x or 500x on their homepage. The 300x etc., stands for 300 times faster than what the old Kaaza downloads used to take. For some great advice on speeding up your free movie downloads, check out How To Speed Up Your Free Movie Downloads.

Amount of Free Movies Available for Downloading - Look for a free movie downloads online site that has millions of unlimited free full movie downloads to choose from. Sites like these are constantly updating their databases with the latest new movies for you to download for free. Whenever a new film comes out, it's not long before the good free movie downloads sites have that movie available on their database for you to download. You will like the service a lot more if the movie titles you are looking for are available to download, regardless if they are old movies or the latest movies.

Copyright Laws and Free Movie Download Sites - The trick here is to choose a website where downloading free movies from does not violate the copyright law. Firstly, you should choose a legitimate free movie downloads membership sites which abides by the royalty agreements. Secondly, do not offer the movies you download for free to others for downloading. Do not leave any of your downloads, whether they be free full movie downloads or free movie trailer downloads in a shared folder. If you are not offered a no sharing option then make sure you move your downloaded free movies into a different folder on your PC right away. It is important that you do not violate any law while getting your online free movie downloads.

Movie Downloads Fees - There are basically three different types of online movie downloading sites when it comes to charging fees.

First there is the P2P sites which allow you to get unlimited free bootleg movie downloads for free. The problem with these are the amount of spyware, malware and viruses you may download with your free movies. My advice is to steer clear of these types of free movie downloads sites.

Second, movie subscription sites or pay-per-download sites are movie downloads sites where it costs you about $10 or more per movie download. These sites sometimes offer an unlimited movie downloads option for a recurring monthly fee which can be quite expensive. If money is not a problem then this may be the way for you to go for your movie downloads. Sites like Cinema Now are completely legal and offer high quality DVD downloads. Within this category are movie rental sites like NetFlix and Blockbuster where for a fee you can have movies shipped to your mailbox.

Lastly, are the Unlimited Free Movie Downloads Membership sites which for a minimal onetime membership fee of about $30-$50 you can get unlimited movie downloads for free for a lifetime. These sites are legal and as long as you don't share your free movie downloads to others, you too will be legal.

Unlimited free movie downloads sites also gives you free game downloads, free music downloads, free TV show downloads and more as part of your membership. The onetime fee is needed to keep the members area up to date with all of the best software needed for burning or copying your free movie downloads to DVD's or CD. The fee also pays for the step-by-step training manuals or video's plus the 24/7 technical and customer support.

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