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Elvis Presley Biography
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A Brief Elvis Presley Biography
On January 8, 1935 in the town of Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis Presley was born to a truck driver named Vernon Presley, and a sewing machine operator named Gladys Presley. Gladys Presley actually gave birth to identical twins named Jesse Garon, who was still born, and Elvis Aaron. As an only child, Elvis would grow to become very close to his mother and she would become a major focal point in his life.

Elvis would have a very difficult childhood. Because he stuttered, his fellow classmates would throw rotten fruit at him as well as tease him relentlessly. To our gain, Elvis would eventually be cured of his stuttering problem.

At the young age of 10 years old, Elvis would perform in front of the public for the first time. Dressed up as a cowboy and singing Red Foley's Old Shep, Elvis would win the second place prize in a singing contest at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. Elvis would use his guitar that his mother bought for him instead of the rifle he wanted.

Two years later, the Presley's would move to Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis would spend a great deal of time practicing playing his guitar in the laundry room where he lived and would soon form a band with the other tenants.

Elvis worked during the evening in order to help with the family expenses. He began dressing in flashy clothes and started growing his famous sideburns out. Once again he would be mocked and bullied for being different. Apparently it didn't have a negative effect on his music because during a performance at the Annual Minstrel Show, he would receive a rousing round of applause after singing the song, Cold Cold Icy Fingers.

Elvis musical horizons expanded while living in Memphis, Tennessee. He often played old records while hanging out at the local listening booths. His deep love for music would soon lead him to many blues and hillbilly hot spots. Elvis began wondering what his voice would sound like recorded.

It would not be much longer to find out. Elvis would record two songs, I'll Never Stand In Your Way and It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You on a demo acetate and present it to the Sun Studios.

RCA liked what they heard and soon set up recording sessions for Elvis as well as getting him some professional musicians to back him up. They were Scotty Moore on guitar, Bill Black on bass and drummer D.J. Fontana. They would record five songs in just two days, including Heartbreak Hotel, in a Nashville studio on January 10, 1956. Soon after, Elvis began playing regular live performances all around the Memphis area promoting Heartbreak Hotel.

His still famous trademark moves of leg shaking and hip gyrating, which was originally seen during a performance of Hound Dog, was done because Elvis would get very nervousness whenever he performed onstage in front of an audience packed with women. The leg shaking and hip gyrating was how he masked his nervousness.

It was not long before Elvis Presley began making hit after hit and was playing to packed audiences show after show. The kind of music Elvis played was completely new to audiences and so was the way Elvis performed. This once shy, polite and stuttering boy was now on his way to making music history. This short Elvis Presley biography is but a very brief look into the Kings historic past. We will look at the rest of Elvis Presley's biography later on. Who wants to watch an Elvis Presley movie?
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                                                                 Before He Was a STAR?
                                                                 Learn About His Life with Priscilla
                                                                 and Lisa Marie?
                                                                 Be Inspired by His Life and Music?

From Beginning to End - All You Want to Know About ELVIS!
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Dear Elvis Admirer,
Have you always been intrigued by Elvis, his life and his music? How did a country boy become one of the biggest legends of rock-n-roll music? Where did he begin and how did fame and fortune change his life and the lives of those he touched?
Elvis' legend lives on... New generations continue to be fascinated by Elvis and his music. He was truly a 'legend in his own time' and since his death in 1977 his fame has only continued to grow. But who was Elvis BEFORE he was a legend, how did he become famous and how did fame and its pressures take over his life?

“Want to Know the REAL ELVIS?”

You've seen the hair, the glitzy jumpers and the movies set in Hawaii, but WHO was Elvis really? How did his past influence the music he sang, the choices he made and the life he led? Who were his friends and family and what do their experiences say about Elvis? How did his music develop and where did his fame take him?
Get ready to find out all the details. Whether you're a longtime Elvis fan or a recent one, you'll find the stories of his life, family and fame to be thrilling, entertaining and emotional. His story has been told by others before, but now it's up to you to fill in the gaps and imagine the story only his past can tell.
Ask the questions, find out the answers! Once you get started you won't want to stop. Elvis' life story is sure to captivate you...

"Satisfy Your Craving for MORE Elvis...”

Before you move to Memphis or book a trip to Vegas, satisfy your curiosity in the comfort of your home with information on the songs that made Elvis a hit, how his image changed during his career and the personal struggles that plagued him...
All this and more in...

ELVIS - Life of the King of Rock'n'Roll...

Elvis' Birthplace
Where was Elvis born and raised, and how did it influence his music?

Elvis' Family and Friends
Who were the people that Elvis was closest too? What do their lives tell you about Elvis?

How Elvis Broke into the Music Business
How did Elvis first get into music and what reaction did he get?

Elvis' First Recording Successes
What songs first made Elvis a household name? How did he become popular?

How Elvis' Image Evolved During the Years
What made Elvis' style and music change over his career?

The Historical Performances that Made Him King
Learn more about the performances that shot Elvis into music history

Elvis in Hollywood
How did the musician become an actor, and what was his life like then?

Elvis in the Military
What made Elvis join the military and how did that choice affect him?

Elvis' Marriage to Priscilla
Who was Priscilla and what kind of life did Elvis have with her as his wife?

Elvis' Daughter, Lisa Marie
Learn more about the only child of the famous King!

Elvis' Home at Graceland
Where is Graceland and how is it preserving Elvis' memory?

Elvis' Problem with Drug Addictions
What part did drugs play in Elvis' life and how did it begin?

Elvis' Return to Record-Breaking Live Performances
What brought Elvis back to live performances and how did fans react?

What You’ll Also Get…

Elvis' Battle with His Weight
Learn about Elvis' struggle with weight and how it jeopardized his career

Elvis' Final Days
What happened during Elvis' final days? What kind of life did Elvis have in the end?

“Your Elvis Questions Will Be Answered!”

Elvis' life has captivated millions because the music he made touched so many people. The fact that his life is still such a source of interest and speculation is testament to his talent and skill.

Have you personally been touched by Elvis' music? Do you want to know more about the country boy who became world famous as much for his music as his charisma and quivering hips?

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