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As I was searching for some free TV sitcoms to download the other day from my favorite Free TV Show Downloads membership site and just for kicks and giggles I emailed customer service and asked them which were the most popular classic free sitcom downloads. To my surprise “I Love Lucy”, “Leave It To Beaver” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show” were among of the most popular free TV sitcoms that members downloaded out of all the free sitcom categories. Unbelievable!

As far back as I can remember, old black & white movies and old sitcoms have been, and still are my favorite kinds of TV shows to watch. I can still remember sitting in the living room with my parents and three older brothers watching and laughing at all of those classic old TV sitcoms. The television shows I am talking included the free TV sitcoms I just referred to. Sitcoms like "I Love Lucy", “Leave It To Beaver” and "The Dick Van Dyke Show” to name a few.

These three shows and others are popular classics that will be treasured by TV lovers forever. Amazingly, to this day, these three wonderful 50’s sitcoms are still being played on televisions around the world. Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, these classics are among the thousands of other free TV sitcoms that are being downloaded for free on daily basis.

As the years have slowly changed one by one, the sitcoms I was watching on TV also changed. I remember watching TV sitcoms like "M*A*S*H” which was a very funny war sitcom and "The Brady Bunch", a somewhat goofy, but funny sitcom about 2 families of nerds who joined together through marriage. "M*A*S*H” and "The Brady Bunch" are another couple of free TV sitcoms that are downloaded quite frequently by members of free TV show download sites.

I must admit that I found these two free sitcoms along with many of the other older free TV sitcoms that I have downloaded to be a great deal of fun to watch. That goes for today as well as when I was much younger. These kinds of TV shows dealt with life’s most difficult issues in a very humorous way. The 70‘s and 80‘s TV sitcom "M*A*S*H", whose setting was a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in war-torn Korea during the Korean War, showed television viewers the hardships soldiers, doctors, nurses and support staff have to endure during time of war. This well acted old television sitcom did so with an element of the reality despite all of the humor. "M*A*S*H" managed to give many people a whole new perspective on what war was all about. There isn’t a history book in the world that could properly depict what war was like the way this wonderful free TV sitcom showed fans of the TV show every week for years. 

Another old TV sitcom that was completely different from “M*A*S*H” was "The Brady Bunch". "The Brady Bunch" was a television sitcom that showed us in a comical way all of the trials that two separate families which were blended together by marriage went through while getting to know each other. Much like the old 50’s TV sitcoms like “Leave it to Beaver” and the “Donna Reed Show”, "The Brady Bunch" was a 70’s TV sitcom that always had a “moral of the story” or lesson learned for every episode.  I can recall how that television sitcom taught me a great many of life’s lessons, from the consequences of cheating on school exams to what the repercussions of lying were, as well as lessons about stealing, jealousy, love, hate, envy, responsibilities and much more.

Even though I was just a kid when I watched this classic TV sitcom, many of the valuable lessons I learned from watching this and other old classic TV sitcoms seemed to have sunk in and have made a profound difference in my life. Of the many free TV show downloads and free movie downloads I have added to my personal entertainment library. I have downloaded a lot of free TV sitcoms like "The Brady Bunch" so that my children and now my grandchildren might learn many of the lessons I did. If you want to have your kids or grandchildren to watch free TV sitcoms for this purpose, then I highly recommend they watch episodes of "The Cosby Show" free sitcom. There are no free TV sitcoms they could download and watch that is better at educating people with laughter. None!

As the years have progressed, so have the television sitcoms. In fact, the 80’s sitcoms, 90’s sitcoms and 2000 sitcoms have broached many social issues that were once considered taboo to even talk about let alone air on television. These eras have produced some of the most popular television sitcoms of all time, including “Cheers”, “Seinfeld”, “Friends” and “Will and Grace”. As a matter of fact, these shows are among the most popular free TV sitcoms that are downloaded on most of the free TV show downloads membership sites.

I can recall when sex was a subject that was rarely ever talked about in the house let alone on national TV, then along came these new ground breaking television sitcoms that not only talk about the subject of sex itself but also deal with many other controversial social issues like pregnancy, homosexuality, drugs, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, plus a plethora other issues that were once considered taboo to talk about in public. Using comedy to deal with such subject matter was an ingenious idea and has worked so well it is still being used today in our more modern, open society.

I am so thankful that the television networks and producers came up with the idea of televising sitcoms back in the 50‘s. I can’t begin to imagine the number of people it has impacted throughout the years. Through laughter, television sitcoms have taught many of us to become all around better people and citizens at home and in today's society. Thanks to the Internet, you can now download free TV sitcoms from every era so that your children and/or grandchildren can enjoy, laugh and learn from the same wonderful old classic TV sitcoms that we grew up with. For the best sites to download free TV shows, download free sitcoms, download free movies and more, click on one of the links just below the videos.

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