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PSP eBook Reader - PSP PDF Reader
Product: PSP Ebook Reader

Company: PSP Blender

Company URL:

Consumer: PSP owners and users

The function of the Sony PSP eBook Reader - PSP PDF Reader software is to provide users of the PSP with software that will allow the reading of eBooks (PDF files) including the thousands of free eBooks that are included.

Pros: As far as printed material is concerned, eBooks are the wave of the future. If you are familiar with the Internet then you already know that. Just about every book that is released today is released in both a printed version and as a downloadable eBook. Both publishers and readers love the versatility and convenience that eBook publishing gives them. Authors are about the only people who aren’t thrilled with the expanding e-book format. I guess they are having a very difficult time autographing copies of their eBooks.

The PSP eBook Reader (homebrew version) will allow PSP owners and users to read more than just eBooks, they can also read comic books, magazines and the thousands of eBooks that come with the PSP Ebook Reader (homebrew version). The e-books that are included with the PSP eBook Reader (homebrew version) are not just second-hand goods -- on the contrary, they are among the best selling e-books that are available in today's market, and the best part is - they come preloaded in the PSP eBook Reader software.


Cons: There are no evident cons found with the PSP eBook Reader software. It was found to be an excellent piece of software by the PSP users who tested it.

Price: All downloads are available only to members of PSP Blender. Lifetime membership is a one-time fee of only $37.00. Your lifetime membership also includes unlimited free PSP movie downloads, unlimited free PSP games downloads, unlimited free PSP music downloads, unlimited free PSP music video downloads, unlimited free PSP software downloads and much more.

Guarantee: There is a guarantee posted on the PSP Blender website that reads, “We provide full support and can help with most technical issues. If you have met the minimum requirements but still have trouble because of hardware issues we will offer a refund. A refund request must be made within 60 days of the date of the purchase. By joining PSP Blender you agree with all of our privacy and safety agreements.”

Conclusion: The PSP eBook Reader - PSP PDF Reader appears to be a very good deal for PSP owners and users. When you throw in the thousands of free e-books that are included with the PSP eBook Reader software in addition to the unlimited free PSP movie downloads, unlimited free PSP games downloads, unlimited free PSP music downloads, unlimited free PSP music video downloads, unlimited free PSP software downloads, unlimited free PSP wallpaper and more that comes with the PSP Blender membership then that make's it an exceptionally good deal.

Where to buy: PSP Blender
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