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The Eagles Band
The Eagles Top Songs
History of the Eagles Rock Band

My Probably my favorite song and album of all time is the Eagles Hotel California. I did a little research on the Eagles band by reading about their past. It seems that the history of the Eagles rock band was full of twists and turns. So much so, I thank the stars that the band stayed together long enough for the Eagles Hotel California to be released. While today there are a plethora of Eagles top songs we can listen to, it wasn’t always that way. Here is a brief history of the Eagles band before there were any Eagles top songs like, “One Of These Nights”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Hotel California”.

While touring for a couple of months with star singer Linda Ronstadt, the future Eagles band of Don Henley and Glenn Frey, decided it was time they put their own band together. Glenn Frey, who was a big fan of country rock music coaxed a couple of guitarists away from two bands who frequently played at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. These were guitarist Bernie Leadon who was playing for the Flying Burrito Brothers and bass guitar player Randy Meisner who was playing for the popular rock band Poco at the time.

It was in August of 1971 when David Geffen, the founder of Asylum Records, heard the Eagles playing at rock singer, Jackson Browne’s house and decided to sign them up. At that time there were not any Eagles hit records as yet and were only four members to the Eagles rock band. It wasn’t until 1974 when they would add guitarist Don Felder, but in 1975 the band would lose guitar player Bernie Leadon.

With the departure of Bernie Leadon the Eagles band was in need of a lead guitarist, and boy, what a lead guitarist they got. Joining the Eagles was none other than famed guitarist, “Crazy Joe Walsh”, formally of the James Gang. With the arrival of Joe Walsh, the Eagles music soon changed from country rock to straight rock. A couple of years later, bassist Randy Meisner would leave the band, only to be replaced by another Poco band member, Timothy B. Schmit.

Although it seemed the rock group had a revolving door of guitarists, one thing was certain, the Eagles music just kept getting better and better with the Eagles making hit song after hit song and the radio stations never lacked for any Eagles top songs to play. With each hit album release better than the previous albums released and a slew of Eagles top songs always high up on the music charts, it’s not surprising that the rock n’ roll super group would be named the best selling rock band of the 70’s.

Sadly, all of this would come to an end in the early 80’s with the Eagles breaking up due to an acrimonious relationship between Don Henley and Glenn Frey. Although many of the former Eagles band members would go on to enjoy successful solo careers, fans from around the world were not content with only listening to the Eagles top songs from their past or the new solo albums. The fans wanted the rock band to reform so they could hear new Eagles hit songs.

In December of 1993, the fans would get their wish with news that the band had gotten back together. Soon after the announcement, the Eagles band would hit the road again with the famous “Hell Freezes Over” tour. New Eagles top songs would soon be hitting the air waves. Remember when the Eagles “Hotel California” was released? It could be that way again. I wonder if they need a new guitar player? Here is a list of the Eagles greatest hits:

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All you need to do is click on the image directly below:
1) One Of These Nights - The Eagles 1975
2) Those Shoes - The Eagles 1979
3) New Kid In Town - The Eagles 1977
4) Hotel California - The Eagles 1977
5) Dirty Laundry - Don Henley 1983
6) Best Of My Love - The Eagles 1975
7) Heartache Tonight - The Eagles 1979
8) The Heat Is On - Glenn Frey 1985
9) You Belong To The City - Glenn Frey 1985
10) Lyin' Eyes - The Eagles 1975
11) Take It To The Limit - The Eagles 1976
12) Leather And Lace - Stevie Nicks & Don Henley 1982
13) The Boys Of Summer - Don Henley 1985
14) The Long Run - The Eagles 1980
15) I Can't Tell You Why - The Eagles 1980
16) Tequila Sunrise - The Eagles 1973
17) All She Wants To Do Is Dance - Don Henley 1985
18) Desperado - The Eagles 1973
19) The End Of The Innocence - Don Henley 1989
20) Witchy Woman - The Eagles 1972
21) Life In The Fast Lane - The Eagles 1977
22) Smuggler's Blues - Glenn Frey 1985
23) True Love - Glenn Frey 1988
24) Take It Easy - The Eagles 1972
25) The One You Love - Glenn Frey 1982
26) King Of Hollywood - The Eagles 1979
27) Sexy Girl - Glenn Frey 1984
28) Please Come Home For Christmas - The Eagles 1988
29) The Heart Of The Matter - Don Henley 1990
30) Seven Bridges Road - The Eagles 1981
31) The Last Worthless Evening - Don Henley 1989
32) Sunset Grill - Don Henley 1985
33) Peaceful Easy Feeling - The Eagles 1973
34) Victim Of Love - The Eagles 1976
35) The Sad Cafe - The Eagles 1979
36) Not Enough Love In The World - Don Henley 1985