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If TV sitcoms had never been created, I wonder where we would all be today? What, with all of today's economic and social issues, life is taken much too seriously. In fact, taking some time out to see the lighter side of life would do all of us some good. Television sitcoms provide us with just that. The sarcasm and humor that many of us often see when we watch many of today’s TV sitcoms help in bringing us a much need break from the seriousness that the vast majority of us face in our daily humdrum lives. Had some comedic genius not come up with the idea of TV sitcoms, our lives would probably be far more bleak than they are today. God! do I sound morbid. I think I need to watch a TV sitcom right now!

Over the years, there have been many kinds of TV sitcoms for us to watch. Some dealt with relationship issues, others dealt with the war in Vietnam, and others dared to tackle controversial issues like racism, drugs and alcohol, under age sex, same sex relationships and political issues. All of these issues and a great deal more have been humorously addressed by the many talented writers of TV sitcoms in various ways over the years, and with tremendous success.

This List Of TV Sitcoms Has Changed Society

Who would ever have guessed that a television sitcom about a Korean War MASH unit would become one of the most successful and beloved television show’s of all time. I can remember watching the TV sitcom MASH with my family when I was just a kid. Although some of the humor was a little over my head, I can still recall how the site of Klinger, all dressed in drag so he could get kicked out of the army and go home to Toledo had me laughing hysterically.

One of the most controversial TV sitcoms had to be All In The Family with the lovable and unforgettable Archie Bunker. In fact, Archie’s racist remarks were so bad, All In The Family would probably be considered too controversial for today’s television audience. With that said, I thought it was one of the funniest TV sitcoms of all time.

The Facts of Life was another TV sitcom that tackled a lot of issues that were thought to be taboo back then. When I was growing up, The Facts of Life had a large teenage viewing audience. In fact, many kids, especially girls, said the TV show made growing up much easier because each week they would watch the girls on the TV sitcom going through many of the same problems and issues that they themselves were experiencing. The Facts of Life showed the world that interracial relationships was not the bad thing that many of us had been taught for so many years. It also showed us that being different from others is an okay thing.

Today's Television Sitcoms Tackles Today's Issues

The producers and the writers of many of these TV sitcoms were well aware of the way society was changing and were very much in tune with what the television audience was capable of accepting during these changing and somewhat tumultuous times. Some of them even took major risks by covering controversial issues that had never been covered before. Quite frankly, these ended up being some of the best television shows ever made for public viewing.

Now that I have gotten older and am a parent, I can really appreciate what many of these TV sitcoms have done. They have opened our eyes to the truth of what is real and what is acceptable in our society. Thankfully, today’ children and teenagers have television sitcoms to help them through many of the issues that they are certain to encounter and I think that’s fantastic!

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